How do I link text or an image to another page or website?

To make your chosen text a link, highlight the text you want to turn into a link and  simply click the link buttonlink.gif located in the WYSIWYG editor toolbar menu.

A box will come up showing the menu items on your website. Your main website links will be under 'mainmenu'. Just click the page in that menu tree you want to link to and click insert.


If you see the page there you want to link to, highlight the page title in that list and click insert at the bottom right.

If you do not see the page you want to link to there,  click 'articles' or 'static content' at the top to see all the pages on your website even if they are NOT in the menu system.
If you want to link to an outside website, enter the url of the webpage you want to link to in the URL Field at the bottom of this popup box. Then click insert.
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