Why does the formatting of the text look weird when I paste it into the editor from an outside program? I would like my text to match the style and size of the rest of the website.

When you want to add content to a page on the website, you often will find yourself copying that text directly from the word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) and wanting to paste it directly into the WYSIWYG webpage editor box. However you do NOT want to just simply cut and paste the text into this box. If you do so, it will usually mess up the formatting of that page.

Instead, do the following (this assumes you have the wysiwyg web editor box open and are editing or adding a page to the website) :

Copy the text from your word processor program by highlighting the text and pressing ctrl + c.
Go to the wysiwyg web editor box and press the paste from word  button.

A small box will pop up. Click inside this empty box so the cursor is blinking inside this white box. Press ctrl + v to paste the text into this box. Make sure ‘remove styles’ is checked.
Click the insert button.
Your content will now be pasted properly into the content page.

It is good to get in the habit of doing this all the time when pasting content into your site.
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