How do I add an event registration?

Login to the BACKEND control panel at (where is YOUR actual church domain name ie.

Go to Components >Event Registration> Event Administration

This is where your events will be listed that you want people to register for. So lets create an event to register for!
Click the New Icon new.gif located at top right of the screen.

Fill out the form with your event details.

There are question marks next to each field in case you need to know what each field is asking for.

To add your own fields for the user to fill out for that event, go down the page to Additional Registration Information.

This is where you add fields you want to add to the registration form for people to enter. Keep in mind, the basic form that displays ALREADY asks for the following:
Name, Email, and Number of People Coming

If you need more information from your registrants than what is in the basic form, then you will need to add more fields here.
To add a new field, click the 'new field' button. 
Fill out the information for that field on the right hand side of the page that opens up when you click in each field you create on the left.

For Example: Lets say you want to add a field that asks for the persons age. Click the 
'new field' button. 

You will see a field called 'New Field.' Click your mouse in the white space next to that, where you see the text 'Something.'
You will see a whole parameters section open up on the right.

For Field Type, choose "text" since you are asking the registrant to fill in their age themselves.

For Field Label,  type in Age. You will see it update on the left once you are done typing in your label and click in another box.

For Default Value,  you can leave it blank.
When you are done filling out the rest of the info, click the 'save' button at the very top.

If you want people to be able to make payments for that event, you will first need to click on the 'new field' button under the Event Fees section of the form.

Click on 'cover: $10.00' and you will see a parameters section open on the right. Set the fee there to whatever you want.

Now click on the 'new field' button in the Payment Options section.

NOTE: I might of already set this up for you, so if you see the 'new field' button greyed out, it means I already set this up for you and you don't need to change anything. If I haven't continue with the following instructions:

Click on 'payment method:  new method' text that opens below that.

Change the 'label' field to Credit Card.

Change the 'gateway' field to paypal.

Your done! Now you can save.

Under the "Input Control" section, you can decide whether you want this field to be required to be filled in or if its okay if the user leaves it blank.

Under the "Appearance" section, you want to set the size of the field. Since an age usually consists of only 2 numbers, you can set the size of the field to 2.
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