How do I export all the registration data for an event to a csv file I can view in a program like excel?

Login to the BACKEND control panel, located at (where is the domain name of your actual website)

Go to Components > Event Registration > Registrations

It will list all people and what event they registered for.

At the top right of the screen, under the action big buttons, is a dropdown menu that says "choose an event." Choose the event you want to export to csv.

You will now see a list of names for that particular event you just chose.

Look at the peoples names. They are in a column called names. There is a checkbox next to the names column at the top. Check this box. This will automatically check EVERYONES name in that list.

Now click the export button Export at the top right of the page.

It will ask you for a filename. Type in the FULL file name with extention. For example, you would type in retreat.csv or supper.csv and NOT just retreat or supper.

Now click the save button Save at the top right of the page.

Click the save button in the popup box and save the file to your computer.
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