Can I create more user groups than what already comes with the system? Right now I only see 'public, registered, and special' user groups.

(Premiere Package Only)
This is a VERY powerful feature that allows you to create your own user groups and assign pages, forums, downloads, etc to those specific groups you create that ONLY that group can see. You must request this special feature as it is not installed by default.
Login to the BACKEND control panel, located at
Go to Components > USER GROUPS > Access Level Manager
Click the New Icon new.gif located at top right of the screen.

Give your group a name (ie. Women, Men, Elders)

When you are done, click the save icon  located at the top right of the page.

Now, go to Components > JACLPLUS > Groups Manager
Click the New Icon new.gif located at top right of the screen.

Leave the Parent Group field as Registered.

In the Group Name field, name it the name you just gave to the group you created in the first step.

In the Access Level field, leave Public and Registered selected, and also select the group you created in the first step.

What this access level assignment means is that this specific user group can see all public items, all registered items, and all items that are assigned to this specific user group you just made. If you unselected registered and public, when the user logs in, he would not be able to see most of the website since most of the websites pages are under the public group.
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